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Mayor Durkan Launches “Affordable Seattle” to Help Residents Easily Determine If They Qualify for City of Seattle Discount Programs 

In Less Than Five Minutes, Residents, Family Members and Service Providers Can Determine If They Qualify for City Benefit Programs Like Discounts on Utility Payments and Free College Tuition through the Seattle Promise Program “Affordable Seattle” Developed in Partnership with Expedia Group As First-Year Project of the Mayor’s Innovation Advisory… [Read more]

An Update on the Work and Progress of the City’s Innovation Advisory Council

In July, fifteen subject matter experts from City of Seattle departments joined the Innovation Advisory Council at the Artefact loft in downtown Seattle.  Gathered together around a half-dozen crowded tables, representatives from the City of Seattle offered ideas for a second round of IAC projects to members of Mayor Jenny… [Read more]

Seattle’s Innovation Advisory Council

Seattle has always been the city that invents the future. We were the jumping off point for the gold rush. We pretty much invented commercial air travel, and then re-invented it by letting people book online. We were the birthplace of the personal computer revolution, and now are pioneering cloud… [Read more]

Update 1: Navigation Team App 2.0

Overview Improving the Nav Team app to include robust functionality for better data collection and analysis for evaluation. Proposed Timeline Early in the process, the Navigation App 2.0 Project Team met to discuss scope and timeline. The following timeline has been established as a guideline for development and implementation of… [Read more]

Update 1: Homelessness Data Model

Overview The first phase of the Homelessness Data Model included goal setting and planning for the work that will be done by the University of Washington Information School Capstone students. Reporting on homeless investments with a data model solution will automate a manual process and create a connection between input… [Read more]

Update 1: Affordable Housing Search

Overview Creating a centralized way to locate available affordable housing, listing a platform for the Housing Connector focusing on people experiencing homelessness and seeking housing through the homelessness system. Proposed Timeline Phase 1 (January – March): Plan Understand scenarios and data availability Design product and architecture Marketing/outreach planning Phase 2… [Read more]

Update 1: Youth Opportunity Portal

Overview This project aims to improve city programs by ensuring our youth programming is accessible, impactful, and relevant. Projected Timeline Phase 1: Identify pilot programs, identify and resolve policy questions, design initial site Phase 2: Launch new portal and pilot application in time for March/April recruiting season Phase 3: Scale… [Read more]

Update 1: Affordability Portal

Overview The project team has met to outline a plan of action and timeline for the creation of the affordability portal. The affordability portal will screen benefit programs and provide information for individuals including average savings and processing times. It will also help streamline applications processes. Projected Timeline and Milestones… [Read more]

Update 1: Earthquake Early Warning System

Overview The Earthquake Early Warning project  will build a last-mile alert prototype to deliver early warning of impending hazardous ground shaking to key public safety officials enrolled in a beta test. Updates Phase 1: The City of Los Angeles has been working on a similar pilot. The team will reach… [Read more]

Update 1: Earthquake Damage Assessment Modeling

Overview The Earthquake Damage Assessment project focuses on improving the City’s ability to obtain and analyze damage assessment information after an earthquake event by determining how to pull information from multiple sources into a single system for damage information. Updates Timeline: Answer as many questions for technical specs (and other… [Read more]