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Update 1: Homelessness Data Model


The first phase of the Homelessness Data Model included goal setting and planning for the work that will be done by the University of Washington Information School Capstone students.

Reporting on homeless investments with a data model solution will automate a manual process and create a connection between input data and visualizations.

Proposed Timeline

Below are the proposed phases of this project:

Phase 1 of Project:

  • Design and prototyping

Phase 2 of Project:

  • Testing

Phase 3 of Project:

  • Deployment by May 15


A University of Washington Information School capstone team is working directly with Human Services Department. Three graduate students are working on implementing the data architecture, user interface, and change management for users. The students are also being mentored by IAC members Amazon and Twitter. Amazon has offered free server space to serve as a proof of concept environment through Amazon Web Services. Anticipated complete date for this project is late May.