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Update 1: Navigation Team App 2.0


Improving the Nav Team app to include robust functionality for better data collection and analysis for evaluation.

Proposed Timeline

Early in the process, the Navigation App 2.0 Project Team met to discuss scope and timeline. The following timeline has been established as a guideline for development and implementation of this app.

Envisioning and Requirements – Jan 2019

  • Define business requirements
  • Finalize committed resources

Phase 1 Development – March 31

  • Site journal data stored in NavApp 2.0
  • Collection of additional shelter referral information such as reason for not accepting.
  • Beginning of integrating REACH data into NavApp 2.0

Phase 2 – July 2019

  • Align and improve data collection for demographic field options
  • Automated integration of REACH data into NavApp 2.0
  • Secure team communication in application
  • Automated site removal prioritization

Phase 3 – October 2019

  • Site identification data storage to help prioritize what sites get inspected
  • GIS mapping
  • Data visualizations/Reporting


  • Shelter referral enhancement process has been completed and is live.
    • This enables Navigation Team members to collect and store more detailed data on referrals made to shelters,
  • Encampment site journal integration is in progress.
    • Go-live date for journal integration was March 31.
  •  Navigation Team Field Coordinators will be trained in the next few weeks.
    • Microsoft is working with City of Seattle (HSD/ITD) and solution providers to receive demonstrations of existing technology solutions and software that could be included in the next phases of NavApp2.0.