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Update 1: Affordability Portal


The project team has met to outline a plan of action and timeline for the creation of the affordability portal.

The affordability portal will screen benefit programs and provide information for individuals including average savings and processing times. It will also help streamline applications processes.

Projected Timeline and Milestones



As part of Phase 1, the Seattle Innovation and Performance department hosted a meeting in which ten departments were present, as well as Expedia (IAC member project lead). The Human Resources Department has volunteered to be the business owner for this project and provide governance once the portal is launched.

Expedia will host a day-long summit to identify business and technical specifications necessary to build the portal and to provide design expertise with their user experience, user research, and content strategy teams.

Expedia is providing resources through their corporate responsibility volunteer program, Expedia Shares. They are providing the following professionals to build the project:

  • 2 Executive sponsors
  • 2 Project managers
  • 2 Engineers + their teams
  • 9 Designers
  • 1 Head of user research
  • 5 Content strategists