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Mayor Jenny A. Durkan’s 2020 Proposed Budget

Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 2020 Proposed Budget invests in our shared vision for a better future. Her budget makes responsible investments in five key priorities: Youth opportunity; public safety; homelessness; housing; and transit and transportation. The 2020 Proposed Budget is balanced, totaling approximately $6.5 billion. WATCH THE SPEECH FACT SHEET Download… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: What to Expect in Chapter Three of the Seattle Squeeze

The next chapter of the Seattle Squeeze is coming. Back in January, we began the first chapter of the Squeeze with the three-week closure of SR 99 through downtown. But working together, we got through it. People got out of their cars. They biked, worked from home, hopped on transit,… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Jenny Durkan Announces Restrictions on the Use of Pesticides Containing Glyphosate by City Departments

City Will Review Pesticides as Part of Update to the Integrated Pest Management Program Seattle (August 23, 2019) – To help protect residents and City employees from toxic chemicals, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced today that she has signed Executive Order 2019-05 restricting the use of pesticides containing glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, by City departments. Effective immediately, City… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Jenny Durkan Applauds Council’s Passage of Green New Deal Resolution, Commits to Executive Order Directing City Departments to Expedite Climate Action

SEATTLE (August 12, 2019) – Mayor Jenny Durkan today reiterated the City’s commitment to Seattle’s Climate Action Plan and applauded City Council’s vote to approve a resolution in support the Green New Deal. In April 2018, Mayor Durkan announced Seattle’s Climate Action Plan, which includes many of the key goals… [ Keep reading ]

To Help Combat Climate Crisis, Mayor Durkan Proposes Converting Thousands of Oil-Heated Seattle Homes to Cleaner, Lower Carbon Electric Heat

Using Oil for Heat One of the Most Expensive and Polluting Forms of Home Heating in Seattle Converting Homes to Cleaner Electricity Would Provide Carbon Pollution Reduction Equivalent to Taking 90,000 Cars off Seattle’s Roads for an Entire Year, A Key Step to Becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050 SEATTLE (August… [ Keep reading ]

STATEMENT: Mayor Durkan Applauds City Council for Approving Her Resolution Protesting Proposed U.S. Navy Air & Water Training Exercises That Could Endanger Southern Resident Orca Whales

SEATTLE (August 5, 2019) – Mayor Jenny Durkan today applauded City Council for its 9 – 0 vote to approve her resolution protesting proposed testing and training by the United States Navy that could endanger Southern resident orca whales and other marine mammals in the Puget Sound through the use… [ Keep reading ]