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Seventh Time’s the Charm


Hello, Seattle.


On November 28th, the day I officially took office, I crisscrossed the City and was sworn in five times – from Rainier Beach to West Seattle to the Chinatown-International to Phinney Ridge to Lake City. Why? Because I wanted to break with tradition bring City Hall to our diverse and vibrant our communities.

On Monday, I had the honor of being formally inaugurated as your Mayor.

Monday’s ceremony was special, because it was held in the very room that is named after our last woman mayor, Bertha Knight Landes.

It was also special because I had the opportunity to stand alongside not one, but two other incredible women leaders, Teresa Mosqueda and M. Lorena González, who were elected by the people of Seattle to the City Council because of their commitment, passion, and resolve. I am so excited to work with them and the rest of City Council to solve the toughest challenges facing our City.

Together, I know we will do great things and make Seattle what Mayor Landes called “a larger home:” A place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and access to economic opportunity.

Seattle can be a city where every person – regardless of their race, their gender, their faith, or their economic status  – has a place.

That will be the mission of my time at City Hall:

To build a more affordable Seattle that provides economic opportunity for everyone.

To seize opportunities to build a more vibrant Seattle for the next generation.

To build safer communities and continue to restore trust between our City and our Police Department.

To stand up for our values, especially as President Trump rolls back progress.

And to get back to basics, and deliver the essential services that Seattle residents need – from filling potholes sooner to reducing commute times.

These are big goals, and I know achieving them won’t be easy. We all will need to roll up our sleeves and chip in to build the future that we want for the next generation –  but I know we are up to the task of tackling these shared challenges and seizing the opportunities that will make the City we love even better.

After all, we have always been a city that invents the future. We have an indomitable spirit here in Seattle. There is no doubt in my mind that working together, we will continue to look out to the horizon and create that better future.

I’m so excited about all that we are going to do.

– Jenny