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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Condemns DOJ’s Decision to Roll Back Cole Memo

Seattle (Jan 4) – Seattle Mayor and former U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan condemned DOJ’s decision to rescind the Cole Memo, which clarified marijuana enforcement for states.

“While I was U.S. Attorney, I helped craft DOJ policy on legal marijuana. That policy properly deprioritized legal marijuana, ensured states had the guidance on how to implement medical marijuana to help patients and end the black market, and focused our efforts on protecting kids and targeting organized crime. Reversing course now is a misguided legal overreach and an attack on Seattle, the state of Washington and a majority of states where the voters have made their voices heard loud and clear.

“Seattle won’t be bullied by the Trump Administration which is obsessed with undoing progress that we’ve made on key issues, including legalization.”

“With overdose deaths, primarily caused by opioids, at an all-time high in King County, the federal government should be a better partner to help combat this epidemic.  President Trump and DOJ should not waste our law enforcement resources and taxpayer money on prosecuting legal activity and instead prioritize their efforts on ending the scourge of the opioid crisis.

“Let’s be clear: Our Seattle Police Department will not participate in any enforcement action related to legal businesses or small personal possession of marijuana by adults. Federal law enforcement will find no partner with Seattle to enforce the rollback of these provisions.

“I have full confidence that Seattle, our Attorney General, and our Governor will lead to ensure our businesses, residents, and visitors are protected from this overreach.”