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The 2018 Pride Awards

Decades ago, I would have never imagined that hundreds of thousands would be gathered here in Seattle to celebrate Pride. I came to this year’s Mayoral Pride Awards – where I had the honor of recognizing true LGBTQ leaders in our community – on the heels of a truly heartbreaking… [ Keep reading ]

What I Saw in Tornillo, Texas

This past week, I joined more than 20 mayors in Tornillo, Texas, at the site of a federal detention facility for immigrants, many of whom have traveled to our country fleeing violence and seeking asylum. Hundreds of children, soon to be thousands, are now living in this small town at… [ Keep reading ]

A new chapter in the fight against homelessness: Building a more coordinated, effective regional response

The top challenge our City faces is the crisis of affordability and homelessness. It is a crisis that demands not just urgent action, but new approaches and new innovations. It is also a regional crisis that demands regional solutions because no problem stops at a city border. A key component… [ Keep reading ]

Honoring Mount Zion Baptist Church as a Protected Landmark in Seattle

Today, we honored Mount Zion Baptist Church and its contributions to Seattle by transmitting legislation asking the City Council to formally recognize it as a protected landmark. Landmark status is reserved for locations in our City that have been of exceptional value to social, political, architectural or community causes –… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Durkan to 62 newly sworn-in citizens: “Hello, my fellow Americans. Thank you for continuing the American story.”

On Friday, April 13, Mayor Durkan gave the keynote address at a naturalization ceremony at Seattle Central Public Library. Immediately prior to her keynote address, 62 people from 22 countries took the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance and became Americans. Mayor Durkan’s remarks as delivered: Good afternoon, my fellow Americans!… [ Keep reading ]

A Vision for a More Vibrant Downtown with Fewer Cars, More Transit, and Less Pollution

In the next few years, we will continue to rebuild and reimagine downtown Seattle.   Here are a few steps we are taking together: The viaduct will finally come down, and we’ll open our new 99 tunnel. We’ll reconnect our downtown to the sea and redevelop the waterfront. We’ll renew… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle’s Newest Affordability Resource

The crisis of affordability, economic disparities, and homelessness threatens the soul of our City. Too many Seattle families are struggling. As rents and property taxes continue to rise, individuals are being forced to choose between buying much-needed medications, heating their homes, buying groceries, or paying their rent. As a result,… [ Keep reading ]

Safely Securing and Storing Guns Saves Lives

As a pediatrician at Washington’s only Level I trauma center for children and adults, I often see firsthand the devastating consequences of our national epidemic of gun violence. Part of my job at Harborview Medical Center is to help care for the victims of firearm injuries. In both young children… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan’s 2018 State of the City Address

In the first State of the City address, Mayor Jenny Durkan laid out her progressive vision for a more affordable, inclusive, and vibrant Seattle – and reiterated her commitment to address our affordability crisis and building economic opportunity through her Seattle Promise College Tuition, which provides two years of… [ Keep reading ]

How the 13th Year Scholarship Empowered Musa to Chase His Dream

This guest post was co-authored by Musa Abdi and Sarah Sabay, the Director of the TRiO College Access Programs at South Seattle College. Sarah added the following note: “I met Musa on his first day at South, and he asked if he can work in our TRIO student center. I… [ Keep reading ]