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Mayor Durkan and Councilmember Herbold Announce City’s Next Steps to Protect Tenants from Eviction and Help Keep Seattle Residents in Their Homes

Mayor Has Directed the City to Update Tenant Protections Including the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance to Align with State’s New More Robust Residential Landlord-Tenant Act; Councilmember Lisa Herbold Will Also Introduce Legislation to Protect Domestic Violence Survivors from Being Held Liable for Property Damage Caused by Their Abusers Seattle (July 10,… [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Durkan Signs Legislation to Create Path for More In-Law Apartments and Backyard Cottages by Reducing Regulatory Barriers, Also Signs Executive Order to Do More to Address Financial and Permitting Barriers

New Complementary Actions Work Together to Reduce Barriers for Development of More Accessory Dwelling Units in Single-Family Zoned Neighborhoods throughout Seattle Seattle (July 9, 2019) – Standing next to a backyard cottage in the Whittier Heights community, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan today signed legislation and an Executive Order to advance the development of more accessory dwelling units (ADUs) like backyard cottages and in-law apartments in single-family zoned neighborhoods throughout Seattle. … [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: Moving Forward on Our Vision for an Affordable, Livable Fort Lawton Community

This week, our City moved forward on an effort more than 15 years in the making – an effort helping us create a more accessible and affordable Seattle for all. On Tuesday, we signed legislation allowing for the formal acquisition and redevelopment of the Fort Lawton Army Reserve. Building on… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: What We’re Doing to Connect More People Experiencing Homelessness with Services & Shelter

Over the past year, the City of Seattle has taken some important steps to address homelessness, and we know we are having an impact: Earlier today, All Home released its final 2019 Point in Time count, which showed the first reduction of homelessness in Seattle and King County since 2012. Still,… [ Keep reading ]

In a Significant Step toward Creating A More Affordable Seattle, Mayor Durkan Signs Mandatory Housing Affordability into Law

All Seattle multifamily and commercial development will contribute to new rent- and income-restricted affordable housing for low-income households MHA is the City’s largest funding contributor to affordable housing since the creation of the Seattle Housing Levy in 1981 SEATTLE (March 20, 2019) – Joined by affordable housing advocates and other… [ Keep reading ]