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The Durkan Digest: What to Expect in Chapter Three of the Seattle Squeeze

The next chapter of the Seattle Squeeze is coming. Back in January, we began the first chapter of the Squeeze with the three-week closure of SR 99 through downtown. But working together, we got through it. People got out of their cars. They biked, worked from home, hopped on transit,… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: Doing More for Housing for Our Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness – Without New Taxes

I’ve said it often: Seattle needs more tools to build and operate new affordable homes for our neighbors experiencing long-term homelessness. On Wednesday, we got one of those new tools. That’s when I gathered with community members and state legislators to sign a new law that gives us the chance to… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: A Generational Opportunity for More Housing, Jobs, Public Spaces, and Safe Transportation Connections

Seattle has a generational opportunity to make transformational investments in housing, jobs, public spaces, and safe transportation. It’s the kind of chance that doesn’t come along very often. On Tuesday, I stood with community members in the heart of South Lake Union to lay out my plan for seizing that… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: Our New Steps for More Housing in Seattle

Over the last decade, we have become the fastest growing city in America. Our growth has brought some amazing opportunities, great jobs, and more small businesses. Across our country, Seattle is the envy of so many. But this growth has put significant pressures on our city – especially on housing…. [ Keep reading ]

Mayor Jenny Durkan Disappointed in Council’s Irresponsible Vote to Create Budget Shortfall & Cut Funding for Vital Low-Income Programs

Mayor Durkan: “Because Council has refused to fund these vital programs or put forward a balanced plan, I will veto this bill.” Council Legislation Changes Use of Short-Term Rental Tax and Sweetened Beverage Tax Revenue, Directly Eliminating Funding for Fresh Bucks, the Child Care Assistance Program for Low-Income Families and… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: Summer in Seattle

One of my favorite things to do as mayor is to get out into the community and hear from our neighbors all across Seattle. Tomorrow is no different. I’m excited – especially now that the summer weather is back – to be heading back to West Seattle for a neighborhood… [ Keep reading ]

The Durkan Digest: Stemming the Supply of Unsafe Vehicles in Seattle & Protecting Our Vulnerable Neighbors from Predatory Renting

This blog post is an excerpt from Mayor Jenny Durkan’s weekly newsletter. If would like more content like this, and a weekly recap of the exciting things happening in the City of Seattle, you can subscribe here.In recent weeks, we’ve announced a series of steps to address our homelessness crisis…. [ Keep reading ]