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Mayor Durkan Celebrates City Council’s Passage of Her Plan for Transformational Investments in the Sale of the Mercer Mega Block City-Owned Surplus Properties

Seattle (September 16, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan celebrated City Council’s passage of her legislation making transformational investments in housing, homelessness, and family-wage jobs, adding a new community center and transportation and pedestrian improvements, at the under-utilized city-owned Mercer Mega Block properties, in South Lake Union. More than half of the… [Read more]

Members of Region’s High Barrier Individuals Working Group Announce New Pilot Programs to Focus on Individuals Cycling through the Criminal Justice System in Seattle and King County

Four New Pilot Strategies Aim to Address Intersection of Homelessness Crisis, Criminal Legal System, Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders with Multi-Disciplinary Approach across Jurisdictions Mayor Durkan, Executive Constantine Investing in Pilot Programs in Their Respective Budgets for 2020 Seattle (September 12, 2019) – Members of the region’s High Barrier Individuals… [Read more]

Mayor Durkan Signs New Housing Legislation Yakima Avenue Disposition and Tenant Protection Harmonization Bills

Seattle (September 6, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signed into law her new housing legislation and more robust tenant protections.   “We must continue to act with urgency to address our housing and affordability crisis and developing innovative pathways to homeownership is a necessary component of the bold actions we must take,” said Mayor Durkan. “Over the past decade Seattle was the fastest growing city in the country and our… [Read more]

Mayor Durkan Announces New Permanently Affordable Homeownership Investments at Two Seattle City Light Public Properties in Northwest Seattle

Seattle is First City to Utilize State Law for a Utility Surplus Property to Transfer Seattle City Light Property at No Cost for Affordable Homeownership Seattle (September 5, 2019) – As part of her Housing Seattle Now initiative, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced new investments by the Office of Housing today… [Read more]

Mayor Jenny Durkan Announces Restrictions on the Use of Pesticides Containing Glyphosate by City Departments

 City Will Review Pesticides as Part of Update to the Integrated Pest Management Program  Seattle (August 23, 2019) – To help protect residents and City employees from toxic chemicals, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced today that she has signed Executive Order 2019-05 restricting the use of pesticides containing glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, by City departments.   Effective immediately, City… [Read more]

Mayor Durkan Transmits Legislation to Build 91 New Affordable Rental Homes in the Uptown Neighborhood

New Affordable Housing Development Will Include 19 Apartments for People Who Have Recently Experienced Long-Term Homelessness; Arts and Cultural Space on the Ground Floor Seattle (August 21, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced today she has transmitted legislation to the City Council to establish a long-term lease agreement between the… [Read more]

STATEMENT: Mayor Durkan Condemns Trump Administration’s Effort to Withdraw from the Flores Settlement Agreement and Expand Family Detention

Seattle (August 21, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan today issued the following statement condemning the Trump administration’s effort to withdraw from the Flores Settlement Agreement and replace it with a new rule that would eliminate safeguards that prevent the indefinite detention of children. Under the Flores Settlement Agreement, the government… [Read more]

Making a More Affordable Seattle and Keeping Residents in Their Homes: Mayor Durkan Applauds Committee Passage of Updates to City Ordinances to Align with More Robust Protections Offered by the State and Announces Transmittal of Additional Tenant Protections to Council

Seattle (August 14) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan applauded members of the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development, and Arts (CRUEDA) committee for the quick passage of her legislation to harmonize the City’s ordinances with the improved tenant protections offered by changes to state law. Her legislation was transmitted to the City Council in July.   “To address our housing and affordability crisis… [Read more]

Mayor Durkan Signs Legislation to Invest At Least $50 Million without New Taxes in Permanent Housing for People Experiencing Long-Term Homelessness

New Step Is Key Part of Mayor’s “Housing Seattle Now” Initiative; Mayor Durkan Signs Her Fifth Major Piece of Legislation to Increase Affordable Housing in 2019 City of Seattle Set to Be One of the First Cities to Take Advantage of New Legislation Passed in Olympia Earlier This Year Seattle (August… [Read more]

Transcript: Mayor Durkan Announces Two Initial Steps As Part of Her New “Housing Seattle Now” Plan

Seattle (July 24, 2019) –Today, at 12th Avenue Arts on Capitol Hill, Mayor Durkan laid out her vision for addressing Seattle’s housing crisis and announce her plan for a surge of new investments in housing for low- and middle-income families: “Housing Seattle Now.” Mayor Durkan also announced two initial new… [Read more]