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Mayor Durkan Transmits Legislation to Transfer Greenwood Senior Center to Community

Upon transfer, Phinney Neighborhood Association will join Byrd Barr Place and Central Area Senior Center as the third successful property transfer since September 2020

SEATTLE (May 18, 2021) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan transmitted legislation to the Seattle City Council to permanently transfer the ownership of Greenwood Senior Center to Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA), a community organization that provides programming, services, and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement. PNA has been operating the center since 2006, providing social services to older adult residents of the Greenwood neighborhood. 

Upon transfer PNA, will join Byrd Barr Place and Central Area Senior Centeras the third successful property transfer to Seattle communities since September 2020. In addition, at community request, the City recently entered a long-term lease with Africatown Community Land Trust for the historic Fire Station 6 building that will house the William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation.  

“For nearly a decade, the City talked about transferring properties like Byrd Barr Place, the Central Area Senior Center, and Greenwood Senior Center, and over the last year, we have acted and moved forward towards our goal of transferring city properties to community organizations that are playing an essential role of providing much needed social services to our communities,” said Mayor Durkan. “Phinney Neighborhood Association supports a diverse and thriving community, and the passage of this legislation will allow the Greenwood Senior Center to remain in the neighborhood for decades to come.” 

“The PNA, is excited to be taking our long-standing partnership with the City to the next phase,” said Christi Beckley, Executive Director of Phinney Neighborhood Association. “Our commitment for the Greenwood Senior Center and our community is to continue to support seniors and find ways to enhance our services to serve more of our neighbors in ways that reflect the PNA’s values.” 

Greenwood Senior Center is considered a Mutual and Offsetting Benefit property, one in which non-profit organizations lease or transfer City-owned properties due to the benefit of the services provided. Several years ago, community leaders came to the City asking for a consistent transfer criterion for these properties. Born from that request was the development and implementation of a consistent mutual and offsetting benefits transfer process. In addition to Greenwood Senior Center, Byrd Barr Place and Central Area Senior Center were transferred to community ownership through this process. 

Since 1977, the Greenwood Senior Center has provided essential services to the community from its home on N. 85th St. It is an inclusive community that provides social, physical, and educational activities focused on the needs of older adults. The Greenwood Senior Center also serves as a King County HUB senior center.