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An Update on the City’s Preparations Following the Conclusion of the Derek Chauvin Trial in Minneapolis

Citywide Prayer and Moment of Silence Planned for 7 pm  

Seattle (April 20, 2021) – Following the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis, the City of Seattle is providing an update for residents. City of Seattle department leaders have been preparing to allow residents to have the space to grieve and honor the life of George Floyd.  

While the City expects community members to grieve and remember the life of Mr. Floyd, the City is also reminding businesses and residents of appropriate steps to take should demonstrations occur. The Seattle Police Department, which has made significant changes over the last year, will be on standby for any peaceful, first-amendment gatherings. 

Below please find an update on City departments:   

Citywide Prayer and Moment of Silence: The City of Seattle – in coordination with faith leaders – will be hosting a citywide prayer and moment of silence at 7 pm.  

Seattle Parks and Recreation Department: Understanding the City is still in a pandemic and there are no permitted gatherings or events, Seattle Parks and Recreation is highlighting the City’s largest parks to grieve and remember George Floyd at the City’s largest parks including: Judkins Park, Pratt Park, Powell Barnett Park, Crown Hill Park, Maple Leaf Reservoir, Othello Park, John C. Little Park, Sam Smith Park, Jimi Hendrix Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Jefferson Park, Genesee Park, Hubbard Homestead Park, Green Lake Park, Lincoln Park, and Westcrest Park. SPR crews will ensure that parks that historically have seen gatherings will be accessible and open.  

Office of Emergency Management: The City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been coordinating with City departments, regional emergency management agencies, and Washington state.  At this time, OEM and City departments will be on standby should the need arise and are prepared for real-time coordination of any response with internal and external partners throughout the week leading up to May day and beyond, if necessary. 

Seattle Fire Department (SFD): SFD is prepared to upstaff resources as needed to ensure firefighters and paramedics are ready to respond to fire, medical and rescue emergencies across the City once a scene is deemed secure. Additionally, SFD wants to remind the public that intentionally starting fires can have unintended consequences including severe property damage and loss of life. If you see an active fire occurring, call 911 immediately. 

Office of Economic Development: The Office of Economic Development (OED) has produced a guide on  how to prepare and secure their employees and customers as well as their property to mitigate the impact of broken windows and graffiti, should that occur. OED, in collaboration with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), is also reminding property owners to be mindful of their dumpsters and carts should demonstrations occur, as those need to be put away to mitigate the impact of arson. 

Seattle Department of Transportation: Should demonstrations occur SDOT’s Department Operations Center and Incident Management Team is prepared to monitor any should impacts to the rights of way. The Incident Management Team provides an enhanced level of readiness and response for the department. Should demonstrations occur, restaurants, vendors, and retailers with temporary café, vending, or merchandise display permits and construction site managers are encouraged to bring in tables, chairs, and other furniture, secure their job sites, and remove temporary no parking signs to the greatest extent possible outside of work or business hours as a safety precaution.    

 Seattle Public Utilities: SPU crews are reminding business to lock up any dumpsters, flammable objects, and any other objects or hazards should demonstrations occur. SPU Clean City crews stand ready to rapidly respond to any post-demonstration impacts including removing trash, litter, debris, and graffiti from impacted areas.  

Seattle Police Department: Following recommendations from community members, the Office of Police Accountability, the Office of the Inspector General, and the Federal Consent Decree Monitor, the SPD has implemented a number of reforms to its  crowd control and protest management tactics. You can find a list of these reforms here.  Should demonstrations occur, the SPD is prepared to staff them appropriately as the need arises.