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Mayor Durkan Statement on Coup Attempt at the United States Capitol

Seattle (January 6, 2021) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan issued the following statement on the insurrection of extremists at the U.S. Capitol.

“The world’s eyes are on the United States Capitol. We are seeing the dangerous and terrifying result of a president that has instigated division since the beginning of his presidency and refuses to relinquish his power. This is what happens when the President and his enablers urge armed rebellions and sow deep distrust in the election.

“This is not an attack on a building; it is an attack on our Democracy, our fundamental American values, and the rule of law.

“Seattle will continue monitoring the situation closely. After the election, Seattle was peaceful, and we know our shared values of peace will prevail. We will not tolerate any violence or destruction to our businesses and government.

“Congress – including all Republicans – must unequivocally denounce these actions, honor the cherished right of voting and certify the results of this election. They must honor their oath to defend our Constitution.

“But the values of our American Democracy are stronger than the hate and division promoted by one man, even if he is the President. The election is over. Democracy and our Constitution will prevail. We will have a full transition of power and removal of this President. President-Elect Biden will be inaugurated in two weeks.”