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City Takes Steps to Create Safe Place for Peaceful Demonstrations

SEATTLE – Last night’s decision to take down the barricades and allow protesters to freely move in and around Capitol Hill was an important step in the City’s efforts to lead with de-escalation and rebuild community trust. The City is committed to creating a safe space for peaceful demonstrations, and will also take steps to minimize property damage or potential injuries. Prior to the planned events on June 9, the following steps have or will be taken by City departments:  

  • The Seattle Fire Department’s (SFD) mission is to save lives and protect property.Recognizing that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) East Precinct is adjacent to residential and commercial buildings, SFD has and may continue to upstaff resources near the area to ensure crews are appropriately equipped to respond to fires and medical emergencies when it’s safe to do so. Several City departments have taken steps to improve access to the area for fire apparatus should an emergency occur. Additionally, with recent intentionally set bonfires, dumpster fires and attempts at structure fires, the department shared information on arson awareness and steps businesses and residences in the vicinity can take.  
  • To help keep the area safe and clean, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is picking up debris and trash,  has cleaned graffiti that displayed hate, racist, and vulgar language or concepts, and has arranged for garbage cans and portable toilets to be placed in the vicinity for use by demonstrators. Streets are closed from 10th to 13th on Pine and on 11th between Olive and Pike. 
  • In an effort to improve site access for firefighters and prevent arson  fires in dumpster receptacles, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) cleaned and/or removed  50 dumpsters or carts from the area in the last 24-hours. To keep the area cleanly, waste pick-up for businesses and protesters is ongoing, and daily debris removal efforts from the right-of-way continue. SPU crews continue to assist with graffiti abatement and proactive and reactive board-up of windows. In addition to SPR facilities, there are currently at least 12 portable toilets in the vicinity.  
  • To keep Cal Anderson Park a safe and cleanly gathering area, the Parks Department (SPR) is helping with garbage and debris clean-up, weeding and tree trimming, repair of damaged garden beds, and removal of graffiti. The department has also worked to repair damaged fencing and bathrooms, and is providing support for boarding-up local businesses. An artist has been brought in to create a mural at the Park. Lights at Cal Anderson will stay on until 4 a.m. to keep the area well lit.  
  • To help inform local small businesses of the City’s efforts and what to expect with regards to first responders operations, the Office of Economic Development (OED) canvassed area businesses. 
  • Tonight, the Seattle Police Department will continue to answer 911 calls throughout the city, including those serviced by the East Precinct. 

Public safety reminder: To aid in the mission of protecting life and property, it is critical that members of the public keep clear for first responders.. If you are in need of medical assistance, move to the perimeter of the crowd if you can. Call 911 in an emergency.