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City Surpasses 700,000 Items in PPE Collection

Program Distributes Critical Resources to First Responders and Dozens of Local Organizations and Facilities in the Fight Against COVID-19

Seattle (April 29, 2020) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that companies, organizations, and individuals have contributed over 700,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the City of Seattle, culminating with a second distribution of PPE to first responders, shelters, community health clinics, and long-term care facilities on the frontline of the COVID-19.  

Over the past two weeks, the City has distributed 512,000 items of PPE, including N95 respirators, surgical masks, gloves, and gowns to first responders in the region and 93,000 items to 47 organizations focused on protecting our most vulnerable communities across the region.  

“The shortage of personal protective equipment has impacted every community across the nation. Our Seattle and international community continue to step up to help those on the frontlines of this crisis,” said Mayor Durkan. “From philanthropy donating tens of thousands of items to businesses pulling from their shelves to residents going through their drawers searching for PPE – the level of giving has been unprecedented, matching the unprecedented nature of this public health emergency.”  

Without leadership at the federal level, Seattle, along with countless governments, organizations, and individuals have generously stepped up to provide this lifesaving equipment to communities across the region.   

“We’ve been honored to make the Seattle area our home base in the United States,” said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. “I hope this donation helps make an impact in the amazing work that Seattle medical teams and first responders are doing to keep our employees, customers, and friends safe and healthy.”  

“We’re all in this together,” said Jay Shendure, scientific director of the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine. “We are thrilled to have been able to provide these critical supplies to the individuals who need them the most, including first responders and vulnerable members of our Seattle community.” 

“We have a responsibility and shared duty to support our neighbors – now is the time to stand together to find solutions,” said Tony Au, President of Gee How Oak Tin Association. “Any one of our daughters or sons could be a first responder, and we have to make sure that those who protect us are also protected.”  

“We are all a part of the Seattle Community and must recognize that our hospitals and first responders are in urgent need of these resources. We must do all we can to provide for our city and help get back to normal – with everyone safe and healthy,” said Peter Kuang owner of Green Leaf restaurants.  

The City has seen tremendous support from the international community, as PPE supplies have been sent or pledged by several Chinese cities, including our long time sister city of Chongqing, as well as partner cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen adding to more than 67,000 items. 

In March, when the PPE Donation program began, there was limited availability to fulfill requests outside of hospitals, which were also facing a shortage. To address the need, the City launched a local donation effort, partnering with Goodwill to pick up and drop off items at local facilities.  Despite their declining staff through the stay-at-home order, Goodwill drivers picked up PPE from the doorsteps of 200 residents and businesses as well as accepted pallets of commercial donations adding to 136,000 PPE. These donations culminated in deliveries to 47 community organizations, long-term care facilities, and shelters. 

“Seattle Goodwill has served our community for almost 100 years, in the ways that are needed most. We are glad to be able to use our resources to support the City’s efforts to get critical safety equipment to first responders and essential workers,” said Daryl J. Campbell, President and CEO of Seattle Goodwill. “We’ve all had to get creative in many ways to support our communities during the pandemic. The needs of our community are great right now and, as stewards of what has been given to us, we believe we should use those gifts in all the ways we can.” 

“The Coronavirus outbreak presented Adult Family Homes with a host of new challenges to keep our staff and residents safe. By far the most time-consuming effort has been scouring local, national, even international suppliers for PPE and devising innovative workarounds and substitutes where we could. Despite the countless hours spent, we were still lacking several needed supplies given the widespread shortages, and as a result, our greatest anxiety was that we would have a positive case and lack the proper PPE to put best practices in place.  When I got a call from Mayor Durkan’s office, it was like a lifeline,” said Linda Rudat, Executive Director of Longhouse Assisted Living Households and Adult Family Homes. “In a heartwarming collaboration, our bookmobile driver delivered a pallet of urgently needed masks, face shields, goggles, and gloves to our community of 4 homes. We cannot adequately express how much we appreciated the Mayor’s office recognizing this need and mobilizing community partnerships to make it happen!” 

“We deeply appreciate the Mayor’s Office and the community for sending PPE to Kin On as we continue to keep our frail elders safe,” said Nigel Lo, Kin On CEO. “Kin On has been providing critical long-term care services to our Asian elders and their families since 1985. As we navigate this challenge together, our focus remains on the health and well-being of our community. We must also recognize our team for the concern and commitment they have shown to our residents during this challenging time. The people on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis have been doing heroic work, and it’s our responsibility to protect them while they protect the vulnerable. Our mission has never been more meaningful.” 

“The PPE equipment we got from the city has been extremely valuable. It has been very difficult to get face shields, goggles, and enough masks to serve all of our people in shelters and day centers. A big thanks to the city of Seattle for their help with this,” said Bill Hallerman, Director of Catholic Community Services. 

The City is actively seeking unused and unopened packages PPE from organizations and individuals who would like to donate and be a part of these lifesaving and critical efforts. Last week, the City began distributing a second round of urgently needed PPE resources to the organizations listed below. To view a list of recipients from the first round of distribution, click here.