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Mayor Durkan Issues Statement Following the Passage of HB 2907 Out of House Finance Committee

Seattle (February 7, 2020) – Washington State House Bill 2907, introduced by Representative Nicole Macri, passed out of the House Finance Committee today. Mayor Jenny A. Durkan issued the below statement after the Committee passage:

“We proposed a bold progressive business tax to help our most vulnerable communities in King County. There is a broad coalition of supporters ready to take immediate action, including County and regional leaders, large and small businesses, labor leaders, advocates and service providers. It shows we can come together and take progressive action. 

“Our region is working every day to tackle homelessness and increase the production of affordable housing, but we know that we must do more. This bill would be an important new tool to build more affordable housing across King County. The region’s unprecedented growth has benefited some and left so many residents behind. And we know that growth hasn’t impacted Seattle alone. That’s why we must approach these investments regionally to ensure they have a lasting, positive impact.

“The bill will continue to go through a robust and thorough process in the State Legislature, and I believe more input will make this bill better.”