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The Durkan Digest: Moving Forward on Our Vision for an Affordable, Livable Fort Lawton Community

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This week, our City moved forward on an effort more than 15 years in the making – an effort helping us create a more accessible and affordable Seattle for all. On Tuesday, we signed legislation allowing for the formal acquisition and redevelopment of the Fort Lawton Army Reserve.

Building on our commitment to create hundreds of more affordable homes, this bill creates up to 238 units of mixed-income affordable housing including supportive housing for seniors and veterans, apartments for low-income households, and opportunities for homeownership. A substantial portion of the land will be used for park and park-related uses, with preservation of existing natural areas that support wildlife habitat.

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signs Fort Lawton legislation

Seattle owes this important milestone to the dedication of all who continue to demand that Seattle be more accessible, more welcoming, and more equitable. To do that, Seattle must be a city where everyone can afford to live, regardless of income, and this week, we are one step closer to making that vision real.

Since taking office, we have announced more than $700 million in new affordable housing projects. I’m committed to making even more significant progress this summer to announce new efforts to create more affordable housing and ensure our vulnerable communities can afford to live in our great city.

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