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Update 1: Earthquake Damage Assessment Modeling


The Earthquake Damage Assessment project focuses on improving the City’s ability to obtain and analyze damage assessment information after an earthquake event by determining how to pull information from multiple sources into a single system for damage information.



  • Answer as many questions for technical specs (and other data collection) from 12/10-1/1.
  • Meet on a bi-weekly basis, beginning January 2019.
  • Engage Internal Review Board Mid-February.

Partnership opportunities:

  • Engaging IAC’s partners, such as Red Cross, ESRI, and One Concern.
  • Amazon could bring in Open Data experts for data assessment.
  • Strengthen opportunities for partnership with Amazon Connect (answering phones on behalf of the Red Cross).


  • Following a team kick-off meeting held on January 24, OEM met with Seattle IT and Northeastern University to solicit participation of Seattle’s GIS team and Computer Science Master’s interns to support the project.
  • This project requires significant process analysis internal to OEM, which will likely conclude mid-March.
  • This project is requesting additional engineering and coding support from IAC members.