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Mayor Durkan’s Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order and His Family Separation Policy

Seattle (June 20) – As Mayor Jenny A. Durkan visits the U.S.-Mexico border to demand an end to the administration’s inhumane treatment of immigrant families she issued the following statement:

“The President’s Executive Order will continue his failed ‘zero tolerance’ policy while doing nothing for the 2,300 children already held in makeshift detention facilities and have yet to be reunited with their families. Already, children are being shipped to foster care and group homes throughout the country with no means of reuniting them with their families.

“As a mom and as an American, it is heartbreaking to watch our country literally tear children from their mothers. This President has created a humanitarian crisis that can’t just be reversed by a hollow Executive Order.

“As a former federal law enforcement leader, I know this policy is not only unjust, it makes us less safe. Their actions are not only cruel and contrary to our Nation’s values – this administration is blatantly ignoring our laws of asylum, which allows refuge for those escaping violence and terror.

“Their plan continues to devote unlimited resources to the poorest, lowest level misdemeanor offenders under federal law – while dangerous drug traffickers, cartel-related criminals, and human smugglers continue to harm cities across America. Their values are not American values. And their priorities are wrong.”