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Mayor Durkan: Janus vs. AFSCME Undermines the Rights of Workers

Seattle (June 27) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan issued the following statement after the Supreme Court’s decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case, in which she filed an amicus brief:

“Strong unions and the protection that they provided for workers helped create and preserve middle class America. With family wage jobs under assault, labor is more important than ever.

“The collective strength that unions provide is good for employers and for workers. That strength gives workers the ability to raise wages, advance and protect worker standards, and make life better for themselves, their families, and their communities. It is good for employers because it helps provide a better skilled, productive and cohesive workforce and allows predictability and an economic advantage. Our City’s services can respond to the growing challenges of our town because of our workforce.

“In our region, increasing opportunity and wages are critical if we want to preserve Seattle as an innovative city that works for everyone. The unions’ leadership in the movements to pass laws for paid sick leave, raise the minimum wage, improve workplace safety, and ensure protection from workplace harassment has been critical to making Washington an economic and innovation leader.”