Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy Fact Sheet

The Families, Education, Preschool and Promise plan will, if passed, fund education from preschool through college. Investments in education would be as follows:

6% for investments in the Seattle Promise Program

  • $43.8m for Seattle Promise
  • $3.1 from Seattle Colleges

11% for K-12 school health services

  • $1.4m for school-based health center at Nova High School
  •  An expected to increase in the number of school-based health centers from 25 to 29

29% for investments in K-12 school and community-based investments

  • $12.9m to support K-12 Opportunity and Access investments
  • $14.5m over the life of the levy to the family support program. “This level of funding should be sufficient to fund the equivalent of 15 full-time family support workers and their associated costs”
  • $56.0m to elementary investments, including school-based investments, summer learning, and expanded learning opportunities

54% of levy will be allocated for investments in preschool and early learning services

  • $2.8m to provide child care vouchers to a homeless child care program that provides child care vouchers to homeless Seattle families so that they can complete housing and stabilization activities
  • $4.0m to a mentorship program for prospective child care providers
  • An expected increase number of children served by SPP from approx. 1500 per year to approx. 2500 per year